Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Life & Friendship
Part 5 – Bordeaux, France

My next destination led me to my friends, Patrick & François, whose home is located in the heart of the city of Bordeaux facing Place Gambetta.  Patrick picked me up at the airport and brought me with my very heavy luggage to their home, which is not an easy task going up the stairs.  When I entered their home, I found myself in the middle of artifacts that they collected, especially design furniture from famous designer collections.  I was not only in a home but also in an architectural digest setting. 

Patrick is a historian and engaged in preserving the heritage of his city and more specifically, Place Gambetta.  He is the founder of an association, L’esprit Gambetta’, committed to the preservation of the cultural heritage and fighting for the rehabilitation of Place Gambetta, a historical landmark of the city of Bordeaux. Patrick is an artist at heart in appreciation of the arts in all genres, hence his passion for history and architecture.  

I met Patrick in Paris in September 2005 when I was showing my Egyptian series entitled ‘L’Égypte à mes yeux’ at Le Centre Culturel d’Égypte during the month of archaeology.  His undeniable passion for Egypt & archaeology comes from his family heritage.

François, an economist, looks more like an artist to me which he expresses in his way of life.  The base of his delicious cooking is bio food and his concern for the environment is relentless. His thesis takes into account the economy together with sustainable development & the protection of the environment. A humanist at heart and what the world needs now to go forward.

Patrick & François treated me like a princess, always making sure I was safe and comfortable, a true delight in my life.  They shared their life and their friends so generously, with a wide array of interests from the world of history & architecture to the arts.  An inspiration and an uplifting energy that I needed to continue on my journey for the artist way can be at times a lonely path.  

 François et le sable
 Designer chair
 Designer chair 2

 Patrick et sa collection
 Place Gambetta

 Place Gambetta à la pleine lune

 François le chef
 Inspiration of the Flat Iron Building in New York
 L'Opéra de Bordeaux
 Place de la Bourse à Bordeaux
 Patrick dans le désert
 Patrick et sa collection
 Patrick le magnifique

 Les amis de Patrick et François

Patrick, le portrait Reubens

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