Sunday, August 12, 2018

Art & Friendship
Villa Carlotta, Lake Como, Italy

To show my work at Villa Carlotta was an exquisite experience.  First of all, being surrounded by such natural beauty and the museum with its rich history, I found myself in an breathtaking setting of art and nature.  Alessandro & Elisa (Tablinum Cultural Management) thought it was a perfect set up for my series ‘’Aenigma’’ to be shown in the Romantic Tower for its artistic statement ‘Timelessness in the beauty of nature and Renaissance Art’.

In the art world, it’s not easy to find a good combination of professionalism & dedication,  together with a humanistic and sensitive approach to what the artist is striving to express though his work.  Whether the art will sell or not, when the curator believes in the art that is being displayed, the artist feels fulfilled in countless ways. The Romantic Tower at Villa Carlotta is unlike a commercial gallery, it’s a museum.  A great many people from all over the world come to Villa Carlotta to visit the botanical garden and to see the art being displayed. The people who came to see my artwork found something quite different for it is a combination of photography and painting.  Some were mesmerized and deeply touched by ‘Aenigma’, for it called upon the viewer to question its mysterious meaning. 

The Romantic Tower has two galleries, there is one with its glass rooftop on the upper level and another space on the lower level where a very talented artist from Argentina was displaying a beautiful installation with an environmental statement.  Patricia Miani takes empty bottles of water, cuts pieces like flower petals that she paints with acrylic. The petals are then attached on a string hanging from the ceiling, making a beautiful installation which she called, ‘Stellaria’.   

I have had exhibitions in a great many places such as Cairo, Paris, London, New York, Florence, Tunisia and Algeria, as well as in Montreal.  Each show has been an incredible experience and the people I have met in those places is what makes it an enriching journey. In this particular artistic adventure, I stayed in Lake Como for a whole month and as I spent much time with Elisa & Alessandro as well as with Patricia, we became like a family.  As a result, this whole artistic adventure turned into an adventure of the heart, Art & Friendship.  

 'Aenigma' the beginning of the installation
 Alessandro - the installation of Aenigma
 Alessandro doing a video interview for Villa Carlotta
 Interview - Alessandro explaining the meaning of 'La danse de la lumière'
 With Patricia Miani, Martha from Villa Carlotta
 Alessandro with art collector & friend - her preference 'L'heure bleue'
 Viewers expressed their preferences, 'La reine des bois' & 'L'heure bleue'

 Viewer expressed her preference 'Regard du passé'
 Patricia Miani with her installation 'Stellaria'
 Patricia Miani happy with her installation 'Stellaria'

 With Elisa & Patricia's friends from Brazil
Patricia with Elisa & her friend, Maria Elena from Brazil
 The main gate of Villa Carlotta with a view to Lake Como
 The gate at Villa Carlotta
 Garden & view of Lake Como from Villa Carlotta
L'Orangerie at Villa Carlotta

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