Saturday, August 4, 2018

Chapter 1 - Paris
 Just three months ago, I embarked on a journey traveling throughout Europe to see my friends and to heal my heart.  After my mother passed away in November 2016 and after retiring from the United Nations in July 2017, I moved from New York city to Canada, my home country.  I then realized that I had lost two of the most important pillars of my life.  My mother, who was home to me, and my life with my friends in New York while working at the United Nations.   

Fortunately though, I have this passion of mine which animates and enriches my life in countless ways.  Throughout the years and through my artistic activities, I have met some wonderful people who have become my family of friends, and they are from all over the world.  

Following invitations to exhibit my work in Paris and in Lake Como, Italy, I decided to take this opportunity to visit some of my friends, whom I hadn’t seen in years, and they live in Greece, in France and in Switzerland.  These lines on my blog are to pay tribute to my friends who so generously invited me to their homes to create and share great memories. 

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