Thursday, June 25, 2020

It's about Light: The Art of Life

Our Love is Here to Stay
Early on at an early age, I went searching for the meaning of life leaving home, unprepared for such an adventure, at the age of 17 to follow the love of my life for, in my view, love was the answer to all my problems.  One of my favorite philosophers, Søren Kierkegaard writes: “What, after all, is a human being without love?” Romantic loving is beautiful because it is intoxicating and extraordinarily interesting and transforms one’s life so much that it feels as if it is of mythological proportions.’’  However, Kierkegaard also viewed loving relationships as a reflection of a lack of self-development ending in despair. 

Despair I have experienced when my marriage ended after nine years, living both in the United States and in Belgium, after which the real adventure of my life began when I was prompted to turn to my artistic calling.  When the heart is filled with pain, we tend to find a way to heal and art is what brought me back to life.  I had been in front of the camera throughout our married life, for my ex-husband was a photographer, and thanks to him, I was introduced to photography when he offered me my first 35mm camera, a Yashica, as a birthday gift. 

Nevertheless, I can reflect on my life now, and actually, I can see that there are no real mistakes.  Life challenges are what constitutes the notion of the human experience and that’s what it means to live life, that unbearable lightness of being.  When reflecting about life and death, we tend to connect the dots for every experience, every person we meet along the way brings something to enrich our lives.  After all, in the whole spectrum of the universe, we are stardust, we are small dots in the midst of an infinite universe. 

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