Wednesday, June 24, 2020

It's about light: the Art of Life

Trees of Friendship
Tree Web of Friendship
My inquiry into the meaning of life is an on-going process as is the case for any artist trying to bring more meaning into artmaking. I’m getting older and I wonder if I’ll be able to make all my dreams come true as an artist while bringing more meaning into my life.  I also realize how life is so precious and especially now, as death is on the horizon with this global pandemic, life is even more precious and that of the people I love.  Although I have no family of my own, I feel very blessed to have my siblings, my cousins, and my family of friends who enrich my life in countless ways.  I am so grateful to have met people who crossed my path along the way and who remain part of my life for distances don’t matter when friendship is of the heart. These memoirs are somewhat dedicated to all the people in my life who bring meaning to my existence together with my art. 

It is unsettling when we realize our finality and that there is no escape from such a reality.  Does it always take a tragedy to bring meaning to life? How does one bring more meaning into one’s life? Eric Maisel in his book, “Coaching the artist within”, makes reference to the difficulty in bringing meaning not only to our life but also to our art, to get a grip of the mind and to achieve being present in order to do art from within, the deep source: “We are spiritual beings trying to learn how to live in the physical body, as opposed to human beings trying to learn how to be spiritual.”

Trees of Life & Friendship

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