Sunday, June 28, 2020

It’s about Light: The Art of Life

Trees of my world
As they say, there is always a silver lining when struggling with difficult experiences and art has been and remains my ultimate quest for a meaningful life.  Jean Houston writes about creativity: “Now, creativity doesn’t have to lead to something.  It doesn’t have to result in a song, a dance, a novel, a better mousetrap.  The greatest form of creativity is the re-creation of yourself.  Moreover, the creative work you do on yourself will heighten your capacity for creativity in other things”. 

Creating a new life requires a sense of resilience to transform which also means letting go of the past which also means peeling away layers of false interpretations, beliefs, and expectations.

When building a new life, remembering only sorrows or painful moments increases negativity while practicing gratitude improves not only life in general but also it improves creativity and the healing process. Sometimes we block our own growth while being challenged. 

Trees of my world bis
In a state of creativity, one gets a glimpse of eternity for there is no time, no space, only intense and pure joy, pure bliss.  This is how I feel when I am in harmony with nature which brings me into a state of creativity being in tune with life, with the universe.  It’s as if yielding to a power not my own and beyond me, surrendering to a power greater than I can even imagine, flowing with the immense flow of existence where lies real life, for real life is love, creativity, beauty, and harmony.

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